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"Built for the Fishing Machine!"
Welcome to Bionic Custom Baits
All components on each and every BIONIC Custom Bait are carefully selected to be of the highest quality and field tested in the Toughest Fishing Conditions! 

"Built for the Fishing Machine"!

​Every BIONIC FIERCE & RAZOR Spinnerbaits have a tough but flexible .035 stainless steel wire (.032 on 1/4 oz), for Max Vibration with the durability expected by Serious Fisherman! Each Bionic bait has high quality 3D Eyes, a Mustad Ultra Point Hook (3/0 for 1/4 oz **Razor Series only, 4/0 for 3/8 oz and 5/0 for 1/2 oz), high quality #2 ball bearing swivels, and Premium Double Willow Leaf or tandem Willow Leaf/Colorado or Indiana blade combinations in Silver Lacquer, Nickel, Polished Brass or Gold plated. Also available, are painted blades in White, Chartreuse, Orange and Black upon request. 

Every BIONIC FIERCE Buzzbaits have the same quality components as do all BIONIC Custom Baits with a .045 flexible stainless steel wire for Max Vibration and the durability serious fisherman expect. Each bait has a unique double Blade/Prop counter rotating system where the Delta Blade turns clockwise and the Prop turns counter clockwise creating lots of surface turbulence with a unique sound that fish Can't Resist! Other blade options are: Single large delta blade in silver, black, white, chartreuse or gold. Buzzbaits can be made with a Clacker or our New! Ball Buster solid brass ball knocker system or New counter rotating Vortex Blade! All Blade setups are proven fish catchers!

Every BIONIC FIERCE Swim Jigs have large high quality 3D eyes as do all BIONIC Custom Baits and fitted with a heavy #2 stainless steel split ring, (optional upon request only), to give the jig extra action and wobble when twitched during the retrieve. Every jig has a medium stiff fiber weed guard and a Mustad Ultra Point Premium wide gap, black nickel hook. 3/8 oz has a 4/0 hook and 1/2 oz has a 5/0 hook.

Every BIONIC FIERCE & RAZOR Thunderbaits have all the same qualities of the FIERCE spinnerbait head and wire but with a little bit more! It's unique design has been thoroughly thought out and tested for superior performance and vibration that is Unmatched by similar "Chatter" style baits! This unique BIONIC bait will shake the fillings out of your teeth and fish absolutely hammer this bait! Vibrating blades available in Nickel or Gold. 

Every BIONIC FIERCE & SONIC Knuckle Head Swimbaits features a very unique wobble design on our Fierce head with a #3 heavy split ring attached to a 4/0 EWG hook. SONIC Knuckle Head is the original Knuckle Head with a little added SONIC BOOM! Each head can be fitted with any of our high quality custom BIONIC skirts. This split ring-swing hook design creates an irresistible, erratic swimming action like no other swim jig on the market today! *(Swim bait bodies not included).

All Bionic Baits are fitted with a BIONIC custom made high quality silicone skirt which are both banded and wire tied with a 28 gauge silver, gold or green wire for extra durability and staying power. 

This is only a part time hobby for me and I often experience high volume of orders which require a lot of time and detail so Please be patient on delivery!   Thank You!

**We are now accepting all major Credit Cards for over the phone orders or in person, securely via mobile "Pay Anywhere" App and all information is encrypted and credit card numbers are not saved for your protection! 

High Quality and 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!!!
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